How to Download ShowBox for iOS/iPad?

By | August 14, 2016

ShowBox has a huge fan following due to its beautiful user interface and attractive collection of movies and tv shows. It is being used in different countries with millions of fans following it on a daily basis routine.showbox app for ios

ShowBox is entertaining people with latest movies, videos, tv shows and songs for free. It allows you to watch movies in different resolution that is supported with your device, It lets you choose languages and their subtitles for a comfortable viewing. These are just the basic features that ShowBox provides it customers with.  

Certainly, the app is available for users on different platforms like Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod touch, Windows phone & PC and many more. It is very easy to install ShowBox HD on your devices.

Today we are here to discuss steps to download ShowBox movie streaming application on iOS/iPad.

Download ShowBox for iOS/iPad

There are many ways to download ShowBox V4.69 apk on your iOS devices, but the easiest way is without jailbreaking method. So, let’s see how you can download ShowBox without jailbreaking method:-

Step 1 – Download vShare on your device.

Step 2 – Install the software and press “Download Unjailbroken” button.

Step 3 – It will ask you to install the software. Press on “Install”

Step 4 – Once it is installed, search for vShare in apps menu.

Step 5 – Open the app. The device while ask you whether you trust it or not. Click on “Trust”.

Step 6 – Open vShare search menu and type Movie Box in the space provided.

Step 7 – Click on Movie Box and download the app. Click on the image to install the app.

Step 8 – When it prompts, click on Trusted for Movie Box.

Step 9 – And that’s it! You have successfully downloaded Movie Box on your device.

Final Words

Movie Box is an app for iOS, please don’t get confused between Movie Box and ShowBox. It is one of the best Android based application that is running successfully well on all Platforms. It has been serving you with latest movies, songs, videos for free. There is no doubt that ShowBox HD is enticing customers to use it at least once in their lifetime!

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